How do I look for a daycare or a school?
You can look in a few different ways in our search bar:

  • Postal code - Looking for a facility in your neighbourhood? Just type in your postal code.

  • Facility name - Know which daycare or school you want? Type in part of its name.

  • City - Know what city you want to search?  Choose from our city list on the homepage or type the city name in the search bar.

I can’t find the daycare or school that I’m looking for.  
We categorize daycares and schools according to information from government data.  If a facility is both a daycare and preschool, there is the possibility that it may only be categorized as one and not the other.  If you can’t find what you’re looking for in one category, try another and you might find it there.

I want to find a daycare or school in just one part of the city.  How do I do that?  
Just type in your postal code.  When you get your result list, you can refine it even further and choose to filter the list using 1 to 10 km radius searches around your postal code.  We hope to add neighbourhood searches in future developments of The Shorty List.  

Why is my family daycare not listed?  And why do some daycares not list their address?
We list all licensed group daycares in Metro Vancouver.  We are working on adding as many licensed family daycares as possible while respecting the privacy issues concerning listing home addresses.  Some family daycares do not have their addresses listed because of privacy concerns.  

How do I sign up?  WHY should I sign up?
It’s easy.  Just click here and we need 3 things from you:

1.  a username
2.  an email address
3.  a password.  That’s it.

When you sign up, you can submit a review and also talk on our messageboard here.

How do I submit a review?
Just sign up or log in.  Find the daycare or school you want to review, and just start typing away in the review submission box.  As soon as your review is approved, it will be posted for other parents to read.


What if there’s a question I want to ask other parents?
Try out our messageboard here.  This is the place to talk about topics related to childcare and education as well as general parenting yik-yak.  


How do I write on the THE CHAT messageboard?

 Just sign up or log in first. Go to THE CHAT, click on “Join the Chat”, and post a question or comment.

I’m a daycare or school owner, how do I add information about my daycare?
We welcome daycare and preschool owners, and school principals to add to their facility profiles on The Shorty List.  Just click here, to submit your profile details and description.  A full profile with expanded description will be appealing to parents seeking information about your daycare or school.   

Can I trust the reviews I read on your website?
We have a number of things in place to encourage responsible use of the site.  Registration is mandatory, we limit reviews from users to 1 review per facility per month, we moderate every review as well as enlist the community to flag offensive or false comments.  Names of other individuals should not be identified. This is not an exhaustive list, but it is an example of what we have in place.  However, no approach on the internet is foolproof.  If we are alerted to a posting which breaks our terms of use, be assured that we will deal with it promptly.

What if I read a review about my school or daycare which I know is completely false?
Let us know right away and we’ll address the review promptly .  After we’re alerted, reviews which are substantially untrue will be taken down IMMEDIATELY.

If I own a daycare or school, can I submit a review about my own facility?  Can I submit a review about another facility?
You can submit a review about your own facility but you must identify yourself as staff, owner, or principal.  You can not submit a review about another facility if you own or work in a facility in the same category e.g. if you own a daycare, you can write a review about an elementary school but not another daycare.  

How many reviews can I submit?
You can write one review per facility per month.  This restriction is to prevent spamming abuse on our site.  

Do you have catchment maps for elementary schools?
We’re hoping to add that in the future.  In the meantime, visit your school district website for maps of your catchment areas.  

Are all daycares on this website licensed?  
We only list licensed daycares.  

I own a preschool or daycare, how can I advertise?
Right now, we don’t accept advertising from daycares and schools.  However, we’re working on creating enhanced listings for daycares and preschools.  If you’re interested in finding out more about upcoming listing developments, drop us an email and we’ll add you to our email list for notification.